Why Australia

Australia is international education powerhouse with fantastic supply of opportunities.
The infrastructure, facilities, teaching and networking expertise in Australia is second to none.
This is why finding out in Australia has become standard.
Moreover, the Australian government has been heavily concerned in building a ‘truly internationalized’ education system that’s driven by analysis to handle the challenges of the long run.
Almost $200,000,000 once a year is invested with by the Australian government strictly on international scholarships.
Additionally, the variety of courses offered by Australian Universities has resulted in Australia being the third liked destination for international students.
Moreover, seven of top one hundred Universities in the world are in Australia.
The popular Education Service for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act 2000 of Australia protects the right of international students. It delivers regulatory requirements for education and training institutions. the commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for overseas students (CRICOS). Furthermore, Under ESOS, there is Tuition Protection Service (TPS) system. which ensures the placement and refund service for international students. Thus, Australia is an ultimate destination to pursue the higher education. Similarly, The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) assures a recognized program for study. It establishes pathways between qualifications and assists students to achieve formal recognition. In Australia, there are foreigners with their various cultures, residing harmoniously. so students can be part of multicultural, friendly, safe and sophisticated society.

Important factors that attract international student in Australia:

i) Globally accepted degree

ii) English medium of education

iii) Sophisticated and multicultural environment

iv) Favorable climatic condition

v) Affordable Living expenses

Documents Checklist

For Offer letter

i. Notarized copies of academic certificates

ii. Notarized copies 1rst and last page of passport

iii. Notarized copy of IELTS Certificate

iv. Statement of Purpose

v. Work experience(if any)

vi. University/College admission form

For GTE ( Genuine Temporary Entrant) approval

i. Notarized copies of academic certificates

ii. Notarized copies of all pages of passport

iii. Notarized copy of IELTS Certificate

iv. Notarized and translated (if needed) copies of all citizenship included in Relationship certificates.

v. Affidavit of sponsors

vi. Annual Income statement(supporting documents like: land lease agreement, salary certificate, house rent agreement, pension slip, Business Audit report, Pan , business registration paper)

vii. Property valuation

viii. Tax Clearance Certificate

ix. Signed Offer letter

x. Bank Balance Certificate and statement

xi. Affidavit of Support

For No Objection Letter

i. Citizenship

ii. Latest academic transcript

iii. Filled form

iv. Fee

v. Offer letter


I. Fee payment slip

II. OSHC confirmation

For Visa Lodgement

i. All related documents along with Finalized SOP

ii. Biometric confirmation

iii. Medical check up

iv. Visa application charge