Directors Message

I am pleased to welcome you to Kohinoor Edu Care (Educational Consultancy in Nepal)website. Regarding my experience, I have been in the educational consultancy field for a decade and have connected with this sector since 2008.

I have attended seminars, training, and workshop related to student visa and study abroad.

During these phase, I have learnt and gained various aspects of this business field.

My varied experiences have given me the chance to speak with many consultants over the years.

The academic consultancy has the potential to be profitable second career choices for educators.


We add the simplest interest of each students and our partner universities and schools – we follow professionalism and reliability.We will follow the code of conduct of the Ministry of Education of  Nepal.

Besides sending students abroad, KEC delivers an international educational experience, providing the right guidance, information, and counselling.

In addition to the skilled code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral, and personal values to maintain high standards in our work.

At KEC, students are provided multiple choices for the abroad study and our test preparation courses are taught through modern approaches and tools.

We aim to grant students the sufficient information they need for selection on their study abroad course and universities and supply them with the services they expect to

Commence their higher study abroad successfully. Taking educational activity overseas provides opportunities to broaden students’ horizons and skills.

It additionally enhances employment potentials, facilitates career developments, and establishes social rank.


Sanjay Basnet
Managing Director,
Kohinoor Educare.


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